Sunday, January 21, 2024

Photo Caption Challenge Results

Thanks to all of you who responded to my baby photo caption contest. This post was really a treat for myself, as I got to enjoy a laugh or smile as each entry arrived.

Incidentally, of the three babies, the second one is definitely a boy, named William Austin. I cannot be sure whether Austin is his middle or family name. I have a feeling/vague memory that the cornet baby is also a boy, but I only have a copy of the front here, and all three actual photos are in Cleveland. The people of yesteryear were unfortunately just as guilty as we are in neglecting to label photos.

Those who sent in replies were:

Tundra Bunny 
Debra She Who Seeks 
Roughterrain crane  
Architect Design 
The Vintage Contessa 
(Note: The Contessa has recently changed blog hosts, and the above link is the new and correct one. I was dismayed to have been out of touch with her for a while.)

Here are the captions you supplied:

#1 Key Baby:

   I picked Daddy's pocket. Now to find the liquor cabinet.  (Kirk)
   Hey, I finally got the keys to the liquor cabinet: let's PAR-TAY!  (Tundra Bunny)

NB: I hadn't known that my readers were such a bibulous lot!

   Look! I've found my keys but where are my glasses?  (Rosemary)
   Shows such perfect lace work and a happy baby which is KEY!  (Mariette)
   What are you looking at, tough guy?  (Architect Design)
   Mine!  (Contessa)
   Thanks Mum! No, of course I won't scratch it!  (Rosemary)
   I promise I'll have it back by midnight, Dad.  (Kirk)
   I hold the key to make the world happier than ever.  (roughterrain crane)

#2 Baby With Stuffed Animal

   Are you sure it's got no teeth?  (Rosemary)
   Why couldn't I have been born in an era with cute plush toys instead of this ugly hell hound?   (Debra She Who Seeks)
   Trust my cheapskate parents to get me a public domain Winnie-the-Pooh.   (Kirk)
   You said I'd get a Steiff teddy bear if I was good...   (Tundra Bunny)
   Bear is not yet a bosom friend!  (Mariette)
   No! I am not going to cuddle it.  (Rosemary)
   What do you mean he's cuter than me?  (Architect Design)
   I don't trust this babysitter   (Kirk)
   May I take the baby for a walk?  (roughterrain crane)
   Do I have to?  (Contessa)

#3 Cornet Baby  

   I asked for a rattle.  (Rosemary)
   You mean I have to play my own lullaby?!  (Kirk)
   You want me to blow what where?!   (Tundra Bunny)
   But it's bigger than me!  (Architect Design)
   Guess that cornet was COLD  (Mariette)
   Mama, just stop kissing dada and make the pleasant noise!  (roughterrain crane)
   Big to be a RATTLE!  (Contessa)
   Noooo Dad, I said I wanted a cornetto, not a cornet! (A cornetto is an ice cream in a cone in the UK)  (Rosemary)

Note that “cornetto” is also an obsolete musical instrument, with finger holes and a cupped mouthpiece. It was often called a cornet (i.e., little horn), but to avoid confusion with the modern cornet, it is usually today called a cornett, cornetto, or zink. (Photo via Wikipedia)

Good job, everyone! It is surprising how often we could have matched the entries to their writers simply by what they said. I am lucky to have such a varied and interesting group of readers, and I am grateful that so many of you have not forgotten my blog during my long absence.

I enjoyed all of your entries. If you get a sudden new inspiration, or have some general comment, be sure to reply below.

I will now reveal the *actual* answers: All three babies are saying, “I want Jim to adopt me!” Baby #3 is even offering a bribe!

(All original photos property of the author.)



Saturday, January 6, 2024

Antique Photo Caption Contest

Hello, everyone! It has been quite some time since I posted, so it's time to make my grand re-entrance with a fun contest. With so much negative news lately, I thought I would I would start this year with a happy topic—babies!

Over the years I have presented a variety of my collections, but without question my main and largest collection is early photographs. Although very few of my photographs are of babies, I do have some that display a special added attribute, as demonstrated by each of today’s photos.

I have decided to make this a caption contest. Think of creative captions for any or all of these photographs, and enter them in the comments. 


#1 Keys
What could be better than a happy, smiling baby? This particular smile was induced by handing the baby a key ring, showing that things have not changed much over the years. Of course, since this photo is over 100 years old, these are old-fashioned skeleton and cabinet keys.


 #2 Toy
What baby doesn’t love a fuzzy, cuddly toy animal? Apparently, this baby doesn’t, and his facial expression and body language say it all in this photograph.

 #3 Cornet
You all know how much I love the cornet, so acquiring this photo was inevitable. The baby, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too pleased with his parents’ musical ambitions for him.


Let these cute babies inspire you, and please enter your captions in the comments. I am not quite sure yet how the grand reveal will work, but I will turn on comment moderation in the meantime.

I am looking forward to your replies!